Students Pitch Fast Food Ideas to McDonalds

This summer, students from Newcastle will have an amazing opportunity. The challenge to create a new fast-food product for the market, has been put forward by Ammar Mirza and Ahmed Khan, who owns the McDonalds Franchises in Newcastle and the Metro Centre. Like The Young Apprentice, these students and businessmen mean business! Ammar has been working very closely with Newcastle College having helped launch a number of employer led initiatives and training programmes with the innovative Rob Kleiser – Director of the Lifestyle Academy.

The Photographic and Fashion Modelling Diploma

Ammar was very excited to get involved with the first degree ever to give a direct focus towards the fashion industry. Throughout the first year of the course, he has come to know two Excelsior students, Iram Begum and Kristina Kozlova, very well. They are just two who have been inspired to start their own businesses with their new skills, according to the Excelsior Academy blog.
The Photographic and Fashion Modelling Diploma will help students to capitalise on a £20 billion UK industry, says Bdaily and Hexham Courant, and give them access to a broad range of skills they will need to succeed.

Octopus Media Collaboration

As a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Ammar has worked in-depth with Octopus Media, providing business aid to this growing media company.

The following websites link to Ammar’s portfolios in his business and charitable achievements: